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We are pleased that you have found your way to us and we are glad to inform you that, within the tangle of offers and proposal of the food sector companies, you have just found a reliable, trustworthy, and professional partner. We have years of experience in cooperation with various Polish representatives of the modern and traditional trade and of the catering market. We are perfectly familiar with the specificity of work in the food industry. Although the bygone years saw many changes in it, there are expectations which remain immutable, such as professionalism, competitive prices, and efficient logistics. These have been our guiding principles from the very moment of set-up of our company. Thanks to these criteria we have existed and been successful on the Polish market for 24 years.

If you wonder who exactly we are and whether it is worthwhile to do business with us, we shall try to dispel your doubts. 

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Dotacje na innowacje. Inwestujemy w Waszą przyszłość

Firma Limpol Sp. z o.o. realizuje projekt w ramach działania 6.1 Programu Operacyjnego Innowacyjna Gospodarka 2007 - 2013.
Projekt jest współfinansowany przez UNIĘ EUROPEJSKĄ ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego.